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About Cwmyoy Extracts


These Cwmyoy record extracts are the work of a researcher who wished to remain anonymous. His goal in this endeavor was to identify all birth, marriage, and death records in which anyone with the PRICE surname in Cwmyoy participated. This is not, however, meant to preclude a genealogist from pursuing more information in the original records, nor to imply that this work is complete.

Prior to this gentleman's passing, he entrusted his work to Adrian Verry of New Zealand. Adrian and I corresponded for a number of years, trying to find the connection between our PRICE ancestors. While we had a good idea of how were were related, we were never able to find the proof needed to conclusively verify it.

Adrian, then, entrusted me with this research during the early to mid 2000's at which time I took the handwritten images and typed them in order to post them on the Web. Sadly, Adrian passed away 19 Aug 2009.

It is with a great sense of honor and gratitude that I post them here in the memory of the anonymous researcher and Adrian Verry. Gentlemen. Thank you both.

- Greg Price



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