Price Family Photo Album

Meet the family!

Thomas Price and Elizabeth Lewis

Thomas (abt 1805-1887) and Elizabeth Lewis (abt 1812-1884) of Cwmyoy.

Jacob John Engelman

Jacob John Engelman (1817-1886) of Philadelphia circa 1860.

Mary Ann Dzwinka

Mary Ann Dzwinka (1922-1990) of
Mount Carmel, PA circa 1954.

Deborah Ann Peters

"Little" Debbie at age 2 years old.

The Long Family

Norman Francis Long and Minnie May Baldy family at their home near Pennypack Creek in Philadelphia in 1910.

Wasyl T. Halaburda

Wasyl T. Halaburda (1861-1925) presumably in the 1920's.

Edwin Charles Price

Edwin Charles Price (1926-1979) during World War II in the US Navy in 1945.

Deborah Ann Peters

Debbie's "press photo" for radio station, WCVR in Randolph, Vermont.

Edwin Charles Price and
Mary Ann Dzwinka

Edwin Charles Price and
Mary Ann Dzwinka on their
wedding day in 1948.

Elizabeth Conard and Patricia Marie Peters

Elizabeth Conard (1920-2003), wife of Walter James Peters, with her daughter, Patricia Marie Peters (1945-2007) in Philadelphia, PA in 1945.

Edwin Price Jr

Edwin Price Jr (1890-1959) of Philadelphia, PA circa 1910 in a great straw hat!

Walter James Peters

Walter James Peters (1918-1969) of Philadelphia, PA circa 1958.

Helen May Long and
Elmer "Uncle Paddy" Long

Helen May Price (1897-1958) and
"Uncle Paddy" (1885-1969) in
Atlantic City, NJ circa 1915.